About Us

In the year 1987, a vision was manifested to form Townscape group in the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune. The group started with humble beginning having Focus on Real Estate Development. During the tenure of last 25 years, Townscape has completed housing projects at many locations across Pune as Developers and has extensive Cross Functional expertise in real- estate Industry. Prior to the Inception of Townscape, the founders of the group were actively involved in this field.
Our performance has created an image of Trustworthy Business House which always stand by their promises and meticulously complete the project to the last detail with commendable consistency. All the 20 projects executed across various locations in Pune have been successfully delivered by Townscape group with immense sincerity, professional- integrity, commitment and dedication.
Townscape, now have started one residential project at Navi Mumbai and has taken the first step towards spreading its wings beyond Pune.
The group is venturing into newer and wider avenues of success and progress and is planning for expansion with several new projects in the pipeline in and around Pune City.

Vision And Mission


We aim to carve a niche for ourselves as a comprehensive Real Estate Developer of choice for QUALITY and TRANSPARENT Business Practices.


It is our honest endeavour to transform the Dream Home of customers into a Reality through high standard of Quality and give ‘Real Value’ to their ‘Real Estate’.To apply our Business ethics, integrity and transparent business practices into all our field of operations.

Management and Team

The group is lead by talented & visionary leadership always innovating, integrating and incorporating to bring the best in the world of construction for you. A committed management team anchors the organization effectively to achieve the ultimate goals of High Standard Quality and time schedules of our every project. The team includes renowned Architects, Legal Experts, Financial Experts, RCC consultants. The group comprises of experienced and qualified Engineers, Sales and Marketing Personnel, Liaison experts, team in Accounts, Procurement, Planning and Estimation, Administration, Quality and Support Staff.

The group is well equipped with competence, technical expertise and excellent domain knowledge along with experience of various aspects of real estate business such as Land Identification, Acquisition, Project Planning, Designing and Implementation, Procurement, Project execution and Handover, Marketing, Legal matters etc.

Our Registered Head Office is situated in elite business area of ShivajiNagar, Pune which serves as a base for all the operations.

Welcome to Townscape!

Purchase of a home is one of the most important decisions in life. It involves capital investment and is a lifetime decision. Several key factors like- location, budget, quality, area & layout of the unit, specifications and amenities of the project contribute to the decision making process. But one of the foremost factors in finalising this decision is the Credibility and Reliability of the Developer and is of vital importance.

We at Townscape are committed to honesty and fairness, consistently providing our customers high standard Quality, best value to their money and thereby taking care of investment they are entrusting on us. The satisfied customers are testimony to our credentials as reliable Developers of choice.

The meaning of “TOWNSCAPE”

The word TOWNSCAPE itself indicates the shaping up of the Towns and Cities. For us “Townscape” means developing the cities by Engineering Skills and Architectural Aesthetics creating contemporary Lifestyles.

We have taken detailed approach in our brand creation and every element right from logo to slogan has certain meaning attached to it.

Beginning with heavy font style in Townscape Logo we wish to represent the importance we give to the Basic Values of Human Life in our Business Practices. The Colour of the Logo is ‘Deep Brown’ which reflects our Low Profile nature but a Sincere and Matured Approach towards our business. Brown is one of the shades of Mother Earth which represents one element or ‘Tatwa’ – ‘ Prithvi ‘ out of Five Basic Elements of the world or (‘Pancha -Tatwa’) viz. ‘Fire’, ‘Air’, ‘Space’, ‘Water’ and ‘Earth’. The element ‘Prithvi’ also represents the ‘Real Estate’.

The Monogram is a collage of Four Squares representing our Four Guiding principles namely ‘Quality’, ‘Transparency’, ‘Consistency’ and ‘Value to Money’. The Square is a symbolic representation of Real Estate, Engineering, Infrastructure and Architecture which are our core areas of operations. Square also represents four diverse directions namely ‘East’, ‘West’, ‘North’ and ‘South’.

This Monogram is an abbreviated version of ‘Swastika’ which is one of the most ancient Symbols in human civilization and symbolises Good Luck and Prosperity.