Townscape Advantage

Strategically Located

Townscape projects are strategically located with convenient access and proximity to civic and social amenities. We understand that buying a home signifies a long term commitment and therefore our project locations are based around offering the home buyer an array of fundamentally necessary amenities and infrastructure to enhance their family’s living standard and overall quality of life.

Unquestioned Quality & Reliability

We create homes with impeccable quality that enhance lives, and are a residence to those individuals who appreciate an uncompromising attitude for quality of the construction. We have a passion to ‘create excellence’ down to the last detail and our projects are completed with one overriding principle – care for its residents.

  •   Quality Objectives and Policies – We implement stringent work discipline and quality objectives while utilizing the best practices of the industry. All the material used in construction comes from reputed brands and goes through rigorous Quality Assurance inspection.
  • Leakage Free Homes – We understand that the biggest chagrin of home buyers are leaky homes. Therefore, we ensure that any water-proofing of the ‘wet slab areas’ of buildings we construct is of the highest standard.
  • Reliability and Transparency–We follow the highest ethical business practices. We do not indulge in marketing and sales gimmicks. What you see is what you get. We also follow well documented systems, procedures and supervisory checks at every stage of construction to offer our buyers and end product of the highest quality.
  • Legal Procedures and Smooth Handover–We are conscious about our responsibility towards law. Our properties always have Clear Legal and Marketable Titles. We ensure compliance to all legislative, statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the construction industry. More importantly, we ensure absolute compliance with formation and handing over of societies or condominiums and the execution of conveyances to transfer the title to the buyer / owner.
Efficient and Well thought through layouts
  • Intelligent & Futuristic: We construct state of the art, sophisticated and modern homes. Our intelligent and futuristic design of the life spaces and its specifications reflect the changes in contemporary lifestyles. The planning is done meticulously by reputed Architects of the Industry.
  • Creativity & Efficiency – Creativity & Efficiency in design and detailing of the projects give the experience of eternal serenity and luxurious simplicity of ‘Living Spaces’. Individual units are well crafted ‘Life Spaces’ with key features including; Functionally Smart Layout, Fresh Air & Light Ventilation, Privacy, maximum utility for interiors and minimum wastage of the empty spaces.
  • Sustainability – We apply modern technology & building techniques and utilize environmentally friendly materials to provide comfortable living.
Optimum value for money

Townscape home rates are very competitive while offering maximum value for a buyer’s hard-earned money. Our properties are priced to provide justice to the investment. Our projects are situated in locations expecting high price growth. We aim to not just secure your investment but also enhance it. A real estate investment with us will always be smart investment.

  • Flexibility of Home Loans – Our customers are at liberty to opt for institutions offering home loans as per their choice and preference.